Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walker says Clinton to blame for geopolitical "messes," admires Reagan for firing people

Wisconsin's governor makes a strong case for why he'd make a terrible foreign policy leader

Gov. Scott Walker continues to rip on Hillary Clinton.

While discussing her experience as Secretary of State, Walker had less than stellar opinions about the former first lady, questioning whether her time in the executive branch would be a positive attribute for her potential run for president.

"Hillary Clinton had a lot of experience being the Secretary of State, but you look at most of the places where she played a direct hand, Russia, the Middle East and other places around the world, and it’s largely messed up right now."

Yes, Russia and the Middle East are both "messed up" right now. Pinning that on Hillary Clinton is similarly messed up.

Disregarding the 70 years of Soviet rule, nearly 50 years of the Cold War, and more than 20 years of post-communist Russian society is a huge historical error. Ignoring all of that history and placing the blame of Vladimir Putin's ambitions squarely on Hillary Clinton is just plain idiotic.

The same can be said for the problems of the Middle East. The geopolitical issues of that area are hardly the making of Hillary Clinton, who served as Secretary of State for a mere four years. As for how screwed up it is, certainly former President George W. Bush carries more of the blame than Mrs. Clinton. But Walker neglects to comment on how Bush's policies affected the region.

Walker makes Clinton out to be the problem in both situations. But who does Walker admire when it comes to foreign policy? His hero, Ronald Reagan. And the best foreign policy decision Reagan made, according to Walker?

Firing people.
[Walker] said one of the most powerful foreign policy decisions in our lifetime was President Ronald Reagan's decision to fire striking air traffic controllers, because it showed allies and adversaries around the world that he was serious.
Say what you will about Scott Walker -- at least his comments are consistently wrong.

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