Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wisconsin GOP defies logic (and showcases hypocrisy) in criticism of Obama

@wisgop touts Walker's job growth over Obama's, even though Obama's rates are better

The Republican Party of Wisconsin has a very odd petition they’re hoping you’ll sign.

They’re also hoping you’re not one who normally engages in critical thinking, because if you are, you’re likely to get a big laugh out of it.

The tweet from @wisgop
The Wisconsin Republicans want you to “hold President Obama accountable on jobs!”

Yes, with an exclamation point and everything!

In a press release detailing how Obama has supposedly failed on creating jobs for the nation, the state Republicans explain it thusly:
“As the President visits the Midwest this week, he continues to do what he does best – giving speeches without actually offering a real plan to get our economy back on track. Instead, the national economy continues to see sluggish movement as he refuses to work with Republican leadership,” said Jesse Dougherty, Press Secretary of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

As President Obama speaks at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, he can take comfort in visiting a state that aligns with his failed economic policy: massive deficits, large tax increases and staggering job loss.

Instead, the President should look to Wisconsin for solid economic leadership: A balanced budget, less spending and lower taxes across the board to help middle-class families, job creators and businesses.
Emphases added.

It’s odd that the Wisconsin GOP says that President Obama refuses to work with them on producing jobs. It’s national Republicans, after all, who have obstructed and prevented legislation and cabinet nominations from even being considered at unprecedented levels, all the while offering no new solutions to the crisis at hand.

But what’s even more puzzling is the gall of the Wisconsin Republicans specifically, who are calling out President Obama for his “slow” job growth. By being critical of the president’s “rhetoric over results,” they’re not only ignoring the difficulties their own party has imposed on creating jobs, but being hypocritical by overlooking the bigger problems we face here.

Image from the Wisconsin Budget Project
At last measure, the U.S. rate of job growth was 2.3 percent. That’s a growth rate that is indeed too slow, but again the fault can’t be entirely placed on the president when the opposing party is doing all that it can to prevent him from growing that rate.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, where the government is run by Republicans in both the legislative and the executive branches, the rate of job growth is at 1.4 percent -- nearly 40 percent slower than the national rate. And what do the Wisconsin Republicans have to say about that?
“As we here in the Badger State continue to see job creation and economic growth under the leadership of Governor Scott Walker and Republicans, Obama continues to align with rhetoric over real results. The President could take a lesson from Wisconsin Republicans,” said Dougherty.
Emphasis added.

In other words, Wisconsin Republicans forget completely how to do math. In their minds, 1.4 percent is GREATER than 2.3 percent, a math problem that any grade school student could comprehend is wrong.

Which means we’re officially in an Orwellian state under the leadership of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Wisconsin Republicans need to spend less time creating storylines that don't match up to realities. It's fine to be critical of the president, but to imagine that Gov. Walker is doing a better job than President Obama in terms of job growth is insulting to the intelligence of the people of Wisconsin.

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