Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A rant on the JFC, and the WI-GOP's "laser" (lackluster) focus on jobs

Republicans in Wisconsin fail to focus on issues that matter to citizenry in latest budget (and other) proposals

In the dead of night early morning, the Joint Finance Committee Republicans passed many of the controversial provisions of the Walker budget.

They voted to expand a voucher system that has never been proven, in 20 years of existence, to improve student performance.

They chose to reject federal funds for Medicaid, opting for the Walker plan that calls on spending more state taxpayer dollars while insuring less Wisconsinites.

They pushed forward a tax cut in which 60 percent of the returns will go to 20 percent of the richest Wisconsinites.

Through it all, what was missing the most in last night’s spectacle was any indication on what the Wisconsin GOP plans to do on jobs.

In fact, I have yet to hear from Republicans what parts of the budget, if any, proposed by Gov. Scott Walker will spur job growth.

The laser-like focus on jobs that Walker called for early on in his gubernatorial term has indeed faded. What proposals the GOP have brought forth (re: billions of dollars in tax cuts for corporations) have done little to nothing in terms of job creation -- Wisconsin ranked 44th in jobs according to the most recent numbers (that the Walker administration touts as "progress"), and is projected to have an even grimmer economic future in the months to come.

And what else, pray tell, have Republicans come up with in the past few days? Perhaps a REAL jobs bill that would invest in Wisconsin’s workforce?

Nope. Instead, a restrictive bill requiring doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions.

Welcome to Wississippi.

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