Saturday, June 2, 2012

20 reminders on why we are recalling the governor

Political Heat posts put into perspective the destructive nature of Walker's time in government

Recent comments made by Walker imply he's John Doe

Walker's tenure as governor has hurt Wisconsin's values

Scott Walker lied to Congress

Even from conservative perspective, Walker no good for Wisconsin

Who is John Doe? Walker involvement a high possibility

The "politics of need" versus the "politics of greed."

By any standard he picks (including his own) Walker's job numbers are STILL a failure

Water wells of SE WI communities potentially contaminated

Scott Walker: "Not what we wanted" (Video)

"Divide and Conquer" -- the Walker plan for Wisconsin

Scott Walker blames Barrett for job losses despite mayor's limited role

Walker fails Packers' history, compares self to Vince Lombardi

Education will play a significant role in the recall election

On job creation, "CEO Walker" would be fired

Governor uses "Walker Math" in errant claims on Medicaid

A quick note on jobs in WI: it's a lot worse than you think

Walker spokesman spins education data, blames three districts

Repeal of Equal Pay Act encourages unfairness in Wisconsin

Wisconsin vs Illinois: who's really doing worse?

When criticizing his predecessor, Walker ignores global economic recession

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