Monday, May 14, 2012

Is Fitzgerald's sexism indicative of state GOP's beliefs?

Republican senator believes recall opponent only running per her husband's request

If the newly released video of Gov. Scott Walker discussing his strategy of "divide and conquer" serves to remind Wisconsinites about the corporatist, anti-worker nature of the state's Republican Party, state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald's recent comments about who his recall opponent, Lori Compas, takes her orders from should serve to remind us about the party's blatant sexism:
For the record, Fitzgerald said he doesn't buy Compas' Pollyanna image. He knows some people are painting the race as a David-vs.-Goliath contest. But Fitzgerald said he thinks her husband is one of the main forces behind her campaign, as well as unions and protest groups.

"I don't for one minute believe she is the organizing force behind this whole thing," he said.
Emphases added.

It isn't enough that state Republicans have to make earning an equal wage a more difficult task for women of Wisconsin to obtain, but now we see that the state's conservative leaders clearly don't think much of women participating in the political process either, believing their motivations are derived from their husband's ambitions instead.

Belle Case La Follette must be rolling in her grave.

Not to be outdone, however, Compas has responded in a web video utilizing her welcoming sense of humor on the matter:

Kudos to Lori Compas for "sticking it to the man." Now, if only we could get brother Jeff Fitzgerald to stop using punk rock inappropriately.

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