Monday, August 1, 2011

Dane Co DA steps aside in case against Prosser

Citing conflicts of interest, Ozanne recommends a special prosecutor

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne has requested a special prosecutor to judge whether or not the county should pursue the case against Justice Davide Prosser, who allegedly put fellow Justice Anne Walsh Bradley in a stranglehold more than a month ago in her office.

The move is the proper one to take: Ozanne, a Democrat, was the chief prosecutor over the case Prosser and Bradley had been arguing over, the collective bargaining bill. His decision to pursue further action could be conveyed as a personal act against Prosser, who ruled with the majority opinion authorizing the bill as having passed legally.

I do not question the integrity of our county's district attorney. In fact, I have been quite pleased with him thus far during his tenure. But there is no doubt that the legitimacy of his actions could be questioned by conservatives if he were to pursue this case himself. Choosing to opt out of that decision-making process is the right move to make, to preserve the legitimacy of whatever decision is made.

For his recognition of both the potential fallout as well as the questions of conflicts of interest presented to him, Dane County is truly blessed to have such a sound legal mind and considerate public figure running its DA offices.

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  1. Prosser has said he did nothing wrong when, as a district attorney, he talked with a bishop about Feeney's inappropriate conduct.