Saturday, June 12, 2010

DPW Speakers on night one: we're ready to fight

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin came out swinging last night, touting legislative accomplishments both nationally and locally.

Many speakers, from local offices to national, both incumbents and candidates, spoke about many issues, too numerous to list here. A common, threefold message, however, was clear, one that will hopefully resonate with the public in a positive way.

First, Democratic speakers last night celebrated their accomplishments, thanking their constituents for helping them to pass important legislative priorities. Health care reform was chief among them, a policy that Democrats have been seeking to change for generations. The ARRA was also celebrated, not as the end-all solution to our economic worries, but as a positive start towards recovery in the years to come. Local achievements were also touted, like getting 98 percent of Wisconsin citizens access to health care, reforming drunk driving laws to stop repeat offenders from being able to endanger our states lawful drivers, and a bill passed that prevented the sale of baby bottles, pacifiers, and other products that contained BPA in them, authored by none-other than Julie Lassa, Democratic candidate for Congress to replace the retiring Dave Obey.

The second tier of the message was equally important: the work we have done is just the beginning. We are not yet done fixing things, and the accomplishments passed, though great and significant, are just a drop in the bucket of things we need to remedy. Locally, clean energy legislation needs to be passed, both to make Wisconsin an example of green energy as well as to create more jobs in the Badger state. Nationally, Wall Street investors need to be reigned in, as well as big banks, who helped create the economic disaster we’re currently in.

“Don’t let anyone forget who got us in this mess in the first place!” Tammy Baldwin’s voice rang out. Gwen Moore added her own words that roared across the hall, bringing the people to a standing ovation: “Who was on my side?” she asked repeatedly, listing several challenges Americans have faced without any help from Republicans. These two examples rounded out the third part of the overall message the Wisconsin Democrats spoke about: Republicans did nothing to help American families while in power, and will continue to do nothing if they take power – or worse yet, will roll back the reforms just recently passed.

A resonating message that should not be forgotten: Democrats in office have helped Americans and Wisconsinites; the work is not yet done, and those Democrats still need your help; and without your help, the GOP will take back control, and with that control will reinstate the very policies that Americans can’t survive under.

The message is clear: we NEED progressive Democrats in office.

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