Monday, February 1, 2010

CBS accepts right-wing issue ad, snubs gay men dating site

CBS is hosting the Super Bowl this year, and as such is set to receive millions (perhaps billions) of dollars in revenue from advertisements during the game. A lot of advertisements that have to do with controversial issues, however, have been rejected by the network, including an ad for a gay men's dating service. The ad itself is pretty humorous, involving one Packers and one Vikings fan sitting on a couch together, cheering/jeering the game on the television.

Why did CBS reject the ad? Because it didn't fit their standards.

But another ad did make the cut. It's a pro-life ad about Tim Tebow, a pro football player whose mother chose life while she pregnant in the Philippines. According to the ad, Tebow's mother was told by her doctor there that she should have an abortion. Instead, she chose to keep her baby. He grew up to become a Heisman Trophy winner

An inspiring story, one that's sure to move many. Except, it's probably not true.

You see, abortion is illegal in the Philippines. It has been for years, long before Tebow -- or even his mother -- was born. If a doctor recommends an abortion in the country, he would face imprisonment.

The likelihood of her story is questioned. But let's assume it's truthful, that some doctor in the Philippines wanted to risk his practice and his livelihood in order to abort her child. Why does CBS feel the need to place this advertisement in Super Bowl adspace while shunning other ads?

Why did CBS deny PETA and adspace in 2004? Why the sudden reversal?

If CBS wants to advertise issue ads during the big game, they have that right. But they shouldn't be giving one side preferential treatment. They should allow issue ads from whomever wants to issue them.

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