Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh

It is my firm belief that it would do America a lot of good if Rush Limbaugh were to develop a case of laryngitis.

The long-time right wing talk radio host has nothing intelligent to say, and appeals only to the pathos of his listeners. Nothing logical comes from his lips.

Most recently, Rush stated he would like to see the Obama administration fail. When asked if this made him un-American, Rush said he simply meant that he wanted Obama's policies to fail so that America would not see his liberal policies enacted.

I argue this: whether Rush wants Obama to fail simply because he is in opposition to him, or if he wants him to fail because he wants a conservative government, does not matter. You do not wish for your opposition to fail simply for your own benefit. Many liberals who did so under the Bush administration were criticized for it; thus, Rush is fair game for such criticism.

But many more liberals -- myself included -- did not want the Bush administration to fail. America would be in better shape today if he hadn't, though we did disagree with many, if not all, of his initiatives. Rather, we knew (or perhaps correctly believed would be a better phrasing) that his policies would fail; why wouldn't we criticize those policies, then, and push for some more sensible solutions to the problems facing us?

Rush has every right to believe that Obama's policies will fail. He has every right to argue until he's blue in the face about it, and try to convince legislators to vote against Obama's policies. But, though he also has the right to do so, his wishing for Obama to fail is selfish and disheartening. If Obama fails, so, too, the nation fails.

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