Friday, March 1, 2019

Nuestro Mundo Students Speak Out Against Hate — And In Support Of Black Lives Matter

The students ended their school week on Friday afternoon by coming to the sidewalks, holding up signs in support of Black Lives Matter on a chilly winter day.

Students at Nuestro Mundo Community School, a MMSD dual language (Spanish and English) charter school, came to the sidewalks on a chilly Friday afternoon to shout out their support for peace.

The school, which is Madison-based but located in the heart of Monona, aims to "develop literacy in both languages, preparing students for success in an increasingly global economy, and to promote acceptance and understanding of cultural differences and strengths," according to Nuestro Mundo's website.

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Holding signs up that read, "Don't Judge People's Color," "We Don't See Hate, We See Love," and more, the students explained to me that they were out on Friday afternoon, around 3 p.m. and at the end of their school day, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Although Black History Month was officially celebrated in February, students came out on March 1 to mark the end of the month-long celebration.

"The reason why we're here today is because we're celebrating Black Lives Matter for Black History Month" one student told me.

Students also held signs asking passersby to honk their horns if they supported their cause. About 10 vehicles did pass by while I was with the kids this afternoon, and I can tell you that there was a lot of honking going on in this normally quiet neighborhood!

Kudos for these children for doing their part to promote diversity, and to stand united against hate. We can all learn from their lesson, and realize it's not enough to be non-racist any longer — instead, we need to be anti-racist, and do something about the injustices we see in the world.

Yes, it's nice to share a Facebook post about how you hate bigotry that's being spewed out by some politician or leader or business mogul. But what are you going to actually do about it? Get out there and make yourself SEEN, not just HEARD, and take real action against bigotry by demanding it from lawmakers or businesses in person, not just on social media.

The kids at Nuestro Mundo get it — and it'd be wonderful if we adults could start emulating them for a change.

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