Saturday, April 8, 2017

This week in writing: Concealed Carry, the Black Holocaust Museum, and Trump’s strike in Syria

A review of articles I wrote for this week

This week was an interesting one. Here’s a few things I wrote about.

I took a hard look this week at a proposal in Wisconsin to remove permit requirements for concealed carry. On my blog Political Heat, I looked at concealed carry itself, and noted that since it has been implemented in 2011, crime actually went up in Wisconsin, completely busting the notion that conservatives have that arming the populace would deter criminals.

I wrote about the same subject this week at the Capital Times in an op-ed piece titled, “Permitless concealed carry wouldn't make us safer.” I re-explained my position, and further explained that other states that took this direction have actually also seen a rise in crime since doing so. “Permitless concealed carry may not be directly responsible for the rise in crime rates,” I wrote. “But it also didn’t make these states safer, and there’s no reason to believe that eliminating the requirement to get a permit in Wisconsin would somehow lower crime either.”

Back at Political Heat, I also wrote about the Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee breaking ground to hopefully reopen sometime next year. The former museum closed in 2008, and went to an “online” exhibit after that. The reopening of a physical museum is important, I said, because “it provides educational first-hand accounts of what took place in our society in years’ past, and provides guidance for what can be done in the future.”

Finally, I wrote about how we should question the reasons why President Donald Trump launched an airstrike attack against a Syrian base this week. “For a president so obsessed with his own image and perception, the assumption that Donald Trump's motivations behind the attacks in Syria are due partly to his own failures so far in the White House cannot be dismissed so easily,” I wrote.

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