Thursday, August 11, 2016

In Wisconsin, Democrats Feingold, Clinton and Obama more liked than Republicans Johnson, Walker and Trump

Favorability ratings among Wisconsinites sits higher with statewide Democratic leaders than Republican counterparts

For Republicans looking to win statewide elections in Wisconsin, it’s not looking too pretty.

The Marquette Law School Poll released Wednesday shows some bad numbers for Republicans. Presidential party nominee Donald Trump is sitting with a 27 percent favorability rating. Gov. Scott Walker is at 39 percent favorability (and 38 percent job approval), and Sen. Ron Johnson has a favorable rating of 34 percent.

Compare those numbers to Democrats, and it’s clear that Wisconsinites are aching for a different path forward. Hillary Clinton’s rating sits at 43 percent. Russ Feingold, who is challenging Johnson for the seat he once held himself, is at 44 percent. And President Barack Obama? His favorability rating is 54 percent in Wisconsin.

While no one is yet running against Scott Walker for his governorship, more than half of registered voters (51 percent) say the state is heading in the wrong direction.

Walker himself has stated in the past that he doesn’t pay attention to the polls -- similar to what former President George W. Bush stated while he was seeing bad numbers (and look how that turned out!). Still, in previous polls Walker had one failsafe to fall back on: that he was at least liked better than the presidential candidates.

“Well, my approval rating's higher than Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's and one of them is going to win the state of Wisconsin,” he said back in July.

That is no longer the case. In fact, in Wisconsin favorability among statewide officeholders (or those seeking to win a statewide election this November) shows Democratic contenders are more favored. Here’s how things rank:

Donald Trump < Scott Walker
Scott Walker < Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson < Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is almost equal to Russ Feingold
And Barack Obama is even more respected across the state than Feingold

Democrats must continue to work hard to demonstrate their vision for the state, and the nation at-large, is the better path going forward. But this polling data suggests Wisconsinites are starting to get the message.

Republicans aren’t working for the people’s interests -- and Democrats are their best bet for getting things back on track again for working families.

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