Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump is worrisome, but his supporters are downright scary

Incident in Janesville demonstrates a growing trend toward violence within Trump's base

Donald Trump’s candidacy worries me. His policies and rhetoric are dangerous for this country, and should he become the president or even just the nominee for the Republican Party, it would signal a very concerning shift in this country’s attitudes, especially among conservative voters.

The most worrisome part about Trump’s candidacy is the hate that it’s inspired in regular people. But perhaps that word is a bit too generous -- there’s nothing “regular” about the hatred and violence several of them engage in, both rhetorically and physically.

What transpired in Janesville this past week shouldn’t be considered regular or normal. A young, 15-year old woman who had come to protest Trump’s presence in the city was allegedly groped by an older male Trump supporter. A verbal fight ensued, which culminated in the woman pushing the man back, and another member of the pro-Trump crowd dousing her face with pepper spray.

The surrounding Trump supporters cheered this. What’s more, they mocked her as she walked out to get medical attention, calling her a “god damn communist n----r lover” as she left.

Janesville police are seeking this man
This is hate politics, pure and simple. And sadly, it's becoming the norm at these rallies.

The rhetoric and actions of the few don’t justify a generalization of the crowd. But these types of incidents are becoming more and more common with each Trump campaign event that occurs. And I can’t recall a time in recent memory reading on Twitter about someone going to a campaign event, with another friend replying “be careful.”

This girl didn't do anything wrong -- she didn't instigate the crowd into assaulting her. Protesters have a right to attend events like these as well. They must be peaceful if they hope to protest in public areas, and by most accounts, the most this girl did was shove someone back who had allegedly assaulted her (every video of the incident begins after it happened, but Janesville police are investigating).

She did not deserve to be pepper sprayed by some idiot who proudly smiles after what he did.

No one in that crowd should be proud of what went down.

Yet they cheered when it happened. And they continued to verbally attack her as she tried to leave.

Regardless of how he spins this, Trump must address the violent behavior of his supporters and this event specifically. He must condemn it. And if he doesn’t, then those in his party must do so, and condemn Trump for staying silent or otherwise ignoring what’s becoming an escalating problem.

It’s a conversation that’s long-past overdue from the Republican frontrunner and from members of his party. And it’s a shameful look at what a large segment of our electorate has become.

Yes, I am worried about Donald Trump. But I’m downright scared of his supporters.


  1. Absolutely no true! Listen to Trump....not the media! We have trolled no ones rally.....Trump people have been the victims , not the perpetrators! Lies, Lies! When you stop and think about people actually backing, and believing scoundrels like Lying Ted Cruz, Crooked Clinton, and "Commi" Sanders, you have to realize we are one screwed up country........and not just a few people......millions! Then Trump enters the race.....a billionaire who has already made his fortune, and simply wants to help his country, to rebuild and recoup industry , create new jobs, protect America from self destruction, , look after the citizenry rather than aliens, look after Vet.s, and Sr.s, save Social Security, save our Second Amendment, save our Constitution, and then you have every element in the media, GOP, and DNC, lying and hiring protesters to sabotage him. The media continues to lie at every turn, about Trump, the only true humanitarian in this race, and is always more than willing to share anybody's old pics or stories that might damage Trump, whether true or not. Trump wants to lend America his expertise and business acumen and clean up Gov. corruption and waste. , free of charge, and suddenly he is made by the media and others, to be the worst thing since "The Pox"! God Help us! Many can still be made to believe the hype and the lies of the media, and their powerful friends. Trump is not a racist.....has never said a racist word! These are labels the media gave him for not agreeing with them on uncontrolled and open borders!......Trump talked claimed racist! . We live in a society where the humanitarian is made out to be the bad guy! Say, enough! Vote Trump! He is the good guy!I call all of the people who do not really pay attention to what is really said by all candidates, and who act only on what they are told by the media, and others to believe, Minions! They truly believe they are acting on the truth, but are in fact acting on lies. All of those protesting against Trump, are mere minions......thus , I guess the media does have a powerful influence on people. I would like to encourage all of our citizens to listen to the real words of the that you can see when the media is unjust and feeding lies! DON'T BE A MINDLESSS MINION!

    1. How was the Faux Skews Kool-Aid? Maybe a little too much sugar?