Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Scott Walker misses his "profile in courage" moment, would support Trump

Some pledges are meant to be broken, including Walker's pledge to back his party's eventual nominee

Gov. Scott Walker will support Donald Trump if he is to become the next presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

The Associated Press reports that Walker will remain a “person of his word,” and would back the loud-mouthed GOP frontrunner should he win the nomination, after pledging in August that he would back whoever the nominee would be.

I give Walker props for standing by what he pledged last fall. Although he has backtracked on other pledges in the past (including claiming his pledge to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin was more of a “lofty goal”), standing by his word to support the GOP nominee, no matter who it is, is a noteworthy stance to take.

It’s also foolish.

Some pledges are worth breaking. A woman who endures abuse from her husband is right to break her bonds of marriage, to dissolve the promises she made on her wedding day, for the betterment of her well-being.

And Republicans, who have endured months of mistreatment from Donald Trump, should likewise follow their consciences and refuse to support the candidate that spouts hatred and cruel ideas that would turn America’s treasured ideals upside down.

There comes a time when the measure of a leader is tested by the decisions they have to make. When faced with a choice, of supporting a worthwhile cause versus backing down in the face of political pressure, we should honor those that choose the former, that choose to take the right course of action no matter what the outcome may be for themselves personally.

Those who stand up to Donald Trump’s vile campaign, especially those who are within the Republican Party itself, should be recognized as courageous individuals. They honor the virtue that puts the country ahead of their party, and not the other way around.

Reid Ribble, the Republican Congressman from northeastern Wisconsin, is one member of Trump’s party who won’t back him if he is to become the nominee. His rhetoric, says Ribble, “appeals to the worst parts of who we are as people. It appeals to our fears. It appeals to our racism. It appeals to all the negative things about us.”

Indeed, Trump’s positions are dangerous for the future of this nation. He has stated his desire to curtail the free press. He has advocated committing war crimes (killing innocent civilians) in order to achieve his geopolitical ends. He has suggested putting identifiers on Muslim Americans, reminiscent of what fascist regimes did to the Jewish people during the lead up to the second World War. And those are just a few examples of his deplorable ambitions.

It may not a rewarding position to take politically, but Scott Walker and other Republicans ought to show true leadership and say unequivocally that they will not support Trump as their party’s nominee, opting instead to support a different candidate, or to not support one at all, if necessary.

Such a move would show tremendous backbone. Walker’s current stance, however, shows just how far he’s willing to contort his beliefs in order to save face politically within his party.

So much for the “unintimidated” governor. Rather than demonstrate courage, Gov. Walker shows he’s willing to concede to bigotry and hatred in order to support his party’s success over his country’s future. And for that, he should be ashamed of himself.


  1. In all honesty, what did you really expect from Scott Walker?

    Any time a problem has come up that made Walker look bad, it was always someone elses fault. Someone else was thrown under the bus to cover his failure.

    A bowl of jello is far more rigid than Scott Walkers spine.

  2. So Hillary should disown Bill?