Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Waukesha's Water Application Fuels Sprawl and Pollutes Water

Great Lakes' water shouldn't bail out Waukesha's irresponsibility

This video is a must watch for anyone who cares about the current issue going on with Waukesha wanting Milwaukees water..

If you're not up to speed on this issue..heres a good breakdown:
Waukesha expects to use up to 10.1 million gallons of Lake Michigan water a day. It would buy water from the Oak Creek water utility, treat it and return it to Lake Michigan via the Root River.
Dan Duchniak, general manager of the Waukesha Water Utility, said the city has studied its water supply options since 2002. He said Waukesha has had more than 100 public meetings on the proposal. Waukesha is seeking Lake Michigan water because its current system of wells does not meet federal radium standards on days of heavy use.
Per the Wisconsin Gazette, there will be a public hearing tomorrow as well in Waukesha on this issue if anyone is interested in coming to testify or sending in testimony.

Milwaukee and Racine don't want to be Waukesha's toilet...and we shouldn't be using Great Lakes water to bail out Waukesha's irresponsibility. Make your voice heard.


  1. Its unfortunate that none of the pictures in the video are from the City of Waukesha or its service area. Another intent by this group to inflame the public and spread false claims.

    Also, statistics provided are for Waukesha County, unfortunately if they use actual city data, the truth would be shown. That the city Waukesha is a community very much like Racine with lower income and a growing population of persons of color.

  2. How in the world can anyone expect persons of lower income to pay for the increase in the sewer portion of their bill for the $74,000,000 currently underway and then the water department wants to build infrastructure and purchase water from another community for $207,000,000?
    Waukesha has stated cost was about the same for all projects. True. BUT, Pipes to Lakes Michigan is a all at once project paid by current rate payers vs. all other proposals which are build as you need and the costs are spred out over time.