Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sen. Johnson deserves to be removed from office for his pro-obstruction agenda

Citizens should vote for change in Wisconsin senate representation come November

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin wants you to know it’s well within his rights, and the Senate’s rights, to deny President Barack Obama an appointment to the Supreme Court.

"He's [President Obama] got a track record. We know the type of justice he would appoint. We wouldn't confirm that individual," Johnson said. "Not acting is also withholding our consent, and that's within our right."
Certainly denying the president a chance to pick a new Justice to the Court is within the Senate’s rights. The Constitution doesn’t stipulate for what reasons the Senate may restrain the sitting president’s nomination to the Court. It simply states that the Senate will provide the president with “advice and consent” on whomever he nominates to fill the position.

But the Republican senators who are standing in the president’s way, including Johnson, are being incredibly transparent with their opposition. Their refusal goes beyond obstructing a presidential choice for the Supreme Court -- they won’t even allow hearings to take place on ANY nominee, a move that is unprecedented for that legislative body.

Put aside the blatant disregard for institutional traditions for a moment, though, and just look at the situation as it stands. The president, who is Constitutionally obligated to choose a replacement for any vacant Supreme Court seat, is being told by oppositional senators that they won’t even give consideration to any nominee he puts forward.

Their motivations are wholly political, and are being done at the expense of allowing the Supreme Court to operate as it was meant to function. But then again, for a party that is willing to shut down government, downgrade our economic ratings, or vote consistently on an issue that they have been defeated on more than 40 times already, should we really be surprised?

This type of behavior isn’t going to win over any voters for Sen. Johnson. He and his Senate colleagues should do their job, and allow the president to submit a name for consideration. Then, and only then, should they make arguments for or against the nominee.

And in November, Wisconsin voters should remove Johnson from office.

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