Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sheriff David Clarke's disgraceful response to the attacks in Paris

Sheriff suggests that events should be used strategically by GOP to win elections next fall

The acts of terror that swept Paris are nothing less than shocking, despicable, cruel, and heartbreaking.

This violence has resulted in more than a hundred deaths, countless injuries, and a nation in shock. The world stands behind France, and those held responsible will face justice by authorities.

National leaders were quick to show their support for the people of France. Several prominent landmarks around the globe also displayed their heartfelt sorrow and sympathies for those affected by the attacks:

Sympathies and feelings of unity weren't the only feelings being shared, however. Others were more quick to place blame on others -- some, on liberal policies. Shocking and unbelievable tweets were collected by Mother Jones, which compiled the worst reactions on social media following the attacks.

Among them was a tweet from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a pro-gun (and pro-”parking in handicapped-accessible spaces during a Veterans event”) elected official who had no qualms suggesting using the events in Paris to promote his conservative causes:

This isn’t Sheriff Clarke’s first time saying such blatantly disrespectful things, and it probably won’t be his last. He is unfit for office, and should be removed by the people during his next election, if not sooner.

To use a tragic event like what we saw in Paris for personal gain, to promote the exploitation of the deaths of 127 victims (and hundreds of others who were injured) simply to propose winning a national election a year from now, is a disgraceful and pathetic suggestion, monikers that are equally fitting for Sheriff David Clarke himself.


  1. I totally disagree. Preventing people from being able to protect their life is preventing use of a God given human right of self defense. If the Democrats continue to take away rights by preventing citizens from effectively being able to defend themselves, this needs to be pointed out and they should not be entitled to hold any public office if this is their primary goal.

    1. Who is preventing you or anyone from defending yourself? How many guns have been 'confiscated', how many laws passes that made it anything but easier to acquire, carry, use any and all firearms?

  2. What God do you worship? Mine is a God of love.