Tuesday, November 3, 2015

GAB update: Scott Fitzgerald hopes to isolate wayward Republicans from constituents

GOP leadership won't disclose where secret talks are occurring outside of the Capitol

Senate Republican leaders, hoping to sway wayward members of their caucus to support a bill that would dismantle the Government Accountability Board (which oversees elections and political ethics complaints), have scheduled a meeting outside of the Capitol building.

From WEAU:
The Senate was expected to convene Tuesday to vote on the bills but GOP Senate leaders canceled the floor period. They instead scheduled a private meeting where Republican senators can hash out their differences.
One has to question why the meeting was scheduled outside of the rotunda. Perhaps Wisconsin residents, concerned with the partisan nature of what would replace the GAB, are voicing their worries to wary Senate Republicans who have yet to step in-line with other hardline conservatives.

And perhaps Senate leaders hope to isolate these rebellious Republicans in order to prevent even more constituents from voicing their concerns.

Whatever their reasoning, it’s clear that Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald doesn’t want anyone interfering with the caucus’s discussions. The location of the secret meeting isn’t being disclosed (emphasis in bold added):
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's spokeswoman, Myranda Tanck, said Tuesday afternoon the Republicans were meeting outside the building. She didn't immediately respond to an email seeking the location.
Wisconsin residents should see clearly now more than ever: when it comes to openness in government, Republicans just don’t care.

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