Friday, June 5, 2015

For Dem Party Leader, I one.

Whoever wins deserves both our support (and criticism, when necessary) in the years to come

In the race for Democratic Party Chair this weekend, I’m choosing to one.

Each of the candidates, in my mind, provides something positive to the party. Even those with limited direct experiences with the DPW have something to give, as most of the state voters who identify with Democrats share similar histories.

All-in-all, whoever wins needs our support. Personally, I think that whoever wins will lead the party in a proper direction.

I do support one person more than others, but that reason is based on my own history with that person more than anything else. In 2009, I interned with the DPW in Madison for a brief three-month period. I got to work a little with Joe Wineke, who was a jovial but effective leader of the party in those years.

Reeling off of recent victories in 2008, the party seemed to be in a good place at that time. I think we’d be in a good place with Joe back at the helm.

But I also feel that way about every candidate in the race right now. And so, while I have a preference, I’m not offering an official endorsement per se.

To the state delegates: vote your conscience. I like Wineke, and I hope he wins. But if the party chooses someone else, it won’t change my support for progressive candidates. I’ll support whoever wins on Saturday as the new leader of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

We need unity more than ever in these trying times. Our state is overrun with problems, many of them the making of the current governor and his friends in the legislature.

We need a leader who can win elections in off-years as well deliver victories from Wisconsin during the 2016 presidential election season.

Mostly, we need to not let Gov. Walker succeed in accomplishing his goal of “divide and conquer.” We mustn’t succumb to becoming our own enemies while Walker runs rampant with Wisconsin – or worse yet, runs for higher office.

Whoever wins, we need to hold them accountable. Criticism is a necessary component of the job, and the new leader of the DPW needs to be candid with party members when they assume office.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin needs to rebuild its image, and bring back support from everyday people in the state. That begins not only with a new leader, but also with a new attitude from Democratic supporters overall.

Let’s dig deep, elect someone, stand by them when they’re right, and criticize them when it’s necessary. That’s how every successful party operates, and it’s how we’ll win electoral contests in the future.

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