Saturday, May 30, 2015

While the Wis Dems were busy fighting over who should be party chair...

Scott Walker was doing this...

I was thinking that picture looked familiar then remembered cuz it was from this too!
Walker is slashing and burning everything he can get his hands on in the state with his budget while the Wis Dems are busy lobbing bombs at each other and having knock down drag out fights on Facebook over the conspiracy theory of the day surrounding any given DPW candidate.
Look the end of the day one of these 5 people is gonna be leading our party and I sure hope we can get past our pettiness to support them.
I think our friends over at Wi Soapbox said it the best:
Yes, democracy, but you know what, this isn't government... It's a political party. What boggles my mind more than anything with the whole chair race is that people who do comparatively little for the party itself or understand the whole party apparatus are the ones who are most critical of it. All of us in the blogging world are guilty of this in some measure, but political parities aren't there to serve everyone who may agree with them. They are there to serve their members and work with candidates who can then appeal to a broad base of support and become elected.

That's how it works if you're a Democrat, a Republican, a Socialist, Communist, Free Soil, Constitution, Whig, Green, whatever political party of your choice. The party is there to serve it's members interest, and those members who are most active and do the most for the party get the biggest say. Don't just armchair quarterback or say, "well I paid my money." Get out there are do walk packets, run for a county officer position, stuff bags, do lit drops, carry a sign... That's how you get active.
I personally can't wait to go to the convention next week and vote for our new party chair while hanging out with great friends.We may be dysfunctional at times..but we are a family and have to keep our energy focused on fighting the REAL crooks in the state..Walker and company...not ourselves.

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