Friday, February 20, 2015

Why didn't Walker answer "Yes" when asked whether Obama loves America?

Walker chooses to incite more ignorance and fear-mongering instead of leading on question of Obama's "love" for America

After being joined by Rudy Giuliani this past week at an event where Giuliani questioned the love that President Obama has for the country, Gov. Scott Walker was asked today “Do you think the president loves America?”

Walker answered:
I assume most people in this country love America. And to me I don’t think it’s worth getting into the battle over whether he does or he doesn’t. He can handle that himself. I know I do. And I know there are great people in this country who love this country and who ... feel this country’s exceptional and it doesn’t necessarily align by party. I think there are Republicans and Democrats and plenty of people in between. I’ve never asked the President so I don’t really know what his opinions are on that one way or another.
Here’s what he SHOULD have said:
That’s the easy answer. And it’s the right answer. So why wasn't it the answer Walker gave?

Walker had a chance to lead on this – to look rational, and to answer in a way that seemed reasonable. He chose to fan the flame of ignorance and intolerance instead.

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