Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lunchtime Musings: Voter ID? How about Corporate ID?

To partake in debate and exercise your speech rights, you are not required to show an ID. Nor are you culpable to felony charges for using your religious freedoms in whatever way you deem without identification.

So why the extra standards on voting?

Voting is only meant to be different in one way. You must prove you reside in the district you want to vote in. And you are capable of doing so without an ID.

Rampant fraudulent voting hasn't been an issue in Wisconsin. Yet now, this basic right requires an ID for participation.

If we are going to start requiring identification for the use of our rights, I have a suggestion: a Corporate ID law, one that requires corporations to disclose their expenditures for political purposes in the state. Failure to disclose should have similar penalties -- a hefty fine, jail time, and a felony record.

Such a plan would be more beneficial to our democracy than IDs at our polls.

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