Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scott Walker’s refusal to answer questions on latest ad could cause distrust among voters

Are five of the jobs Walker touts as having created acting gigs?

In the latest ad for Gov. Scott Walker, a number of people look at the camera and say, “I got a job.”

Problem is, when asked who these people were, the Walker campaign refused to say.

It seems the only job we really know for sure that these people got was an acting gig to be in the very ad they say they got a job in. Other than that, it’s a complete mystery.

Why won’t Walker’s campaign release the names of these people, or where they got their jobs? Spokeswoman Alleigh Marre says it’s to protect their privacy.
Walker spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said the people are “Wisconsinites who are among the thousands of workers who got new jobs during the Walker administration.”
She said “the campaign respects the wishes of the private citizens who prefer not to release their personal information.”
Emphasis added.

That excuse sounds somewhat absurd, however, given that these individuals are starring in a statewide advertisement in several media markets. What kind of person who values their anonymity would casually place their face and endorsement behind a controversial and divisive gubernatorial candidate?

No, it doesn’t really matter much in the grand scheme of things. But Walker’s refusal to acknowledge the very people in his own ad doesn’t pass the sniff test. If he can’t answer the simple question of who these people supporting him are, how can he expect voters to trust him to lead?

That’s a question he’ll have to answer before November.


  1. One blogger has indicated that one of the individuals in the ad is actually the CEO of Murtha Tool Co. If that turns out to be the case it would only be fitting that Walker is once again tooling the public. We all know when Walker's people refuse to answer a question that means they have been caught with their pants down around their ankles again!

  2. The Walker administration insisted that e- mails between constituents and citizens cannot protect the privacy of the constituent. Yet Walker deems it is okay to keep private the names of people who appear in his ads. The usual double standard is used when Walker might be involved in another lie. The identity of these people and the jobs that they obtained because of Walker's policies must be made known to insure the voters that Walker is not involved in another falsehood to advance his cause.

  3. Yikes. They could not find even five actual workers?!?!?

  4. When you're hiding and spinning when asked a straight-up question, it means you're losing. Patrick Marley's blatant act of journalism on Walker's Medicaid fail continues the streak of this guy looking dishonest, foolish and FAILED