Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mary Burke: a remedy for divisive politics?

The qualities that Burke possesses could fix Wisconsin's partisan atmosphere

I just wanted to add my two cents about the announcement of Mary Burke running for governor. As a progressive, I do have some reservations about her ideology. We have yet to hear where she stands on specific policy issues, although that’s something that’s sure to come about in the campaign.

But I am excited about the potential candidate she can become, for a variety of reasons:
  • She’s a businesswoman with strong knowledge on how jobs are actually created (which can defuse a talking point by the Walker administration, who claims to be pro-jobs);

  • She’s had some political experience, but for the most part isn’t too political;

  • She’s willing to listen to every reasonable idea that reaches her, and more importantly, work for compromise;

  • And she possesses a strong desire to help those who are in need of aid the most.
Those are all qualities that we need in any candidate that stands a chance to win back Wisconsin from Scott Walker (R-Koch Industries). That doesn’t mean we have to be satisfied with Mary Burke, and accept her as the only candidate Democrats have to offer -- indeed, a primary that focuses on the issues and qualities of the candidates, without much mudslinging, could prove to be very beneficial.

But with all of that said, Mary Burke provides a reasonable and desirable replacement for the current governor in office. She’s not only a good candidate for the Democrats -- she’s also a good candidate for Wisconsin, and possibly the remedy we need to bridge a state that has been so heavily divided because of Scott Walker.

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