Monday, April 8, 2013

The Walker effect on jobs -- like driving 36 mph on the Marquette Interchange

Comparison of economic slowdown makes it easier to see that we're doing worse under Gov. Walker

Here's an easy way to describe Scott Walker's performance on job creation in the private sector...

Pretend that we were traveling between Madison and Milwaukee on I-94. In 2010, when Gov. Jim Doyle was leaving office and Scott Walker was just about to be sworn in, let's say that we were traveling at about 60 miles per hour. That's fast, probably not as fast as we'd have liked to have gone, but still a decent pace.

Two years later, in September of 2012, we've decided to drive back to Madison from Milwaukee -- but this time, instead of driving the "Doyle car" on jobs, we're in the "Walker car" on jobs. And how fast would that car be going?

It'd be traveling about 36 miles per hour on the interstate.

Which, as anyone can tell you, you don't want to be doing, especially around the Marquette Interchange.


  1. The jobs number are clearly knocking down Walker's poll numbers. No other reason why MacIver would plant a story claiming the state had gained 137,000 jobs since Walker took office.

    Too bad for them that we also stand to lose 80,000 jobs over the next 6 months that the QCEW measures. And it wont be an economic disaster, but instead typical seasonal employment factors that happen every year in Wisconsin. But MacIver, WisGOP and those who still support this bum are so cynical/stupid that they'll try to sneak this stat out there and hope it causes enough of a distraction.

  2. Go Scotty ph--kem till it hurts!