Monday, March 25, 2013

Chapter ideas for Scott Walker's book

Highlighting the "greatest hits" for one of Wisconsin's worst

It's a standard for presidential candidates to write books about their lives and philosophies, so it's no wonder really why Gov. Scott Walker is planning to write one himself. According to the National Review, Walker recently hired former President George W. Bush advisor Marc Thiessen to help write the project.

Since Walker has to spend all his time making Wisconsin better, creating economic conditions that make jobs, traveling across the country and ignoring his home state, he may need some help coming up with chapter titles for his book. Here's some suggestions:
  1. My Dad was a pastor, how about that?!
  2. Didja know I’m an Eagle Scout too!? (or, how I achieved a remarkable feat as a young person but failed to live up to the standards it represented in subsequent years)
  3. My years at Marquette Nothing to see here!
  4. Becoming Scott Walker: Recalls are an important fixture of Wisconsin’s identity
  5. Dropping the “bomb,” part one: I’m Ronald-FREAKIN’-Reagan, baby!
  6. Dropping the “bomb,” part two: conversations with “David Koch”
  7. Becoming Scott Walker: Recalls are a terrible fixture of Wisconsin’s identity!
  8. I won the recall! Everything’s better! Especially jobs!
  9. How things didn’t really get better -- blame the recalls, the debt ceiling, Europe, Obamacare, and anything else you can think of
  10. $200,000 means I didn’t do anything wrong, got it?
  11. Hey, maybe I should be president, I mean, look at all the things I did!

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