Friday, June 3, 2011

WI Dems to announce Gov. Walker recall intentions

Chairman to make announcement at DPW convention in Milwaukee tonight

Tonight, after Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Mike Tate makes the announcement we've all been waiting for, it will officially be "on."

In a speech set to be delivered this evening, Tate will formally announce the DPW's decision to go after Scott Walker, to officially declare that the party intends to recall the governor for his many attacks upon working men and women, seniors and students, across the state.

In prepared remarks, Tate will tell a crowd full of Democratic delegates that, "We will begin to repair the damage done to this state and we will begin anew with a Democratic Governor who will fight for our children, who will fight for our families, our teachers and our firefighters. We will fight for the people -- not the powerful."

It isn't surprising that the Democrats would want to recall Walker. But the announcement is the most outspoken to be made in the months following the path of destruction that has been the Walker administration. Through destroying rights for workers in the state; changing the tax code to benefit the rich and punish the poor; promoting cronies within his administration while overlooking qualified candidates; cutting education across the state by hundreds of millions of dollars; and ruining social services for seniors, the disabled, and those in dire need -- in short, the utter destruction of Wisconsin values -- Gov. Walker has proven in the first six months of his tenure that his leadership isn't what Wisconsin voted for last November. Through his bait-and-switch tactics of governing, Walker's actions warrant his removal from office.

Wisconsin is ready for such a recall. All across the state, even in communities where conservatives have traditionally done well, "Recall Walker" bumper stickers are appearing everywhere. This governor hasn't just woken up the progressive movement in Wisconsin -- he's woken up the state itself, to the dangers and pitfalls of conservative extremism.

Gov. Walker has shown that he has no shame when it comes to throwing the people of this state under the bus. The people, through the coming recalls of both state legislators as well as the governor himself, will show Walker that such reprehensible behavior, such blatant disrespect for the wishes and well-being of the citizens of Wisconsin, isn't acceptable.

Bring on the recalls for July 12. And bring on the recall of Gov. Walker. A change in how things are done, how our state is run, is desperately needed.



  2. I have watched with great interest and support for the American citizens of Wisconsin.

    I am so very proud of all of you.