Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taxes for the poor, relief for the rich in state GOP budget scheme

GOP-controlled Budget committee raises taxes on working families

The war on the poor continues in Wisconsin.

Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee approved of Gov. Scott Walker's proposals to raise taxes on low-wage working families with two or more children. Under the provisions that passed the committee, these families would see their state earned income tax credit diminished by more than 20 percent of its current levels.

Within the same budget meeting, Republicans also decided to cut taxes on capital gains, a cut that means more breaks for the wealthiest in Wisconsin. Interestingly enough, a proposal to allow movie theaters to obtain liquor licenses also passed through committee.

It's good to know that Wisconsin Republicans have the people's interests in mind: booze at the movies, tax breaks for the rich, and tax increases for the working population of the state.

The diminishing tax credit for working families comes at a terrible time, where many are still struggling with the lingering effects of the economic recession. But what are the priorities of Republican lawmakers? Build up the pocketbooks of those who are already well-to-do.

Wisconsin families are getting left behind by the GOP's call for more greed, for the belief that the millionaires in our state are the ones facing hardships. Meanwhile, working Wisconsin families continue to face TRUE struggles, living paycheck to paycheck with the hopes that their leaders will make things right, restoring the American dream within the Badger state.

But the people's hopes are falling on deaf ears. Republican leaders will not restore the vision of Wisconsin that the citizens of this state are demanding. Instead, they are destroying our traditions, replacing them with corporate rule and preference for the wealthy elite over the working class.

That's not the Wisconsin we the people deserve. That's a vision of Wisconsin that ultimately fails its citizens. Republicans in the legislature will ruin this state if this budget bill comes to pass.

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