Monday, June 13, 2011

Recall election dates moved to August 9

Democratic "placeholder" candidates ensure uniform election date

Republicans have made it clear: they don't want to give their constituents a fair shot at determining their futures.

By attempting to run "zombie" candidates against Democrats in the recall campaigns facing them, Republican senators are spoiling the democratic process by which our state has adhered to for generations. The right to issue recalls against your representatives -- be they at the state, local, or even national levels -- is one that has been a part of our state since the Progressive era.

Rather than standing behind the rules already set in place, Republicans have sought to spoil the process by running Republican-aligned candidates in Democratic primaries. Doing so will force Democrats to raise more money and give Republicans time to stall the recall process until August 9.

Not all of the Democrats would face such primaries, however, which would also make things complicated as far as a uniform date for all the recall elections within the entire state...some could be on the July 12 date while others would have a primary on that day and a general election a month later.

The potential confusion led the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to come up with a new plan. Rather than having separate election days, the DPW determined it would be best to have one single general election day. In order to do that, of course, every Democrat would have to have a primary election.

Running "placeholder" candidates -- candidates who are actually aligned with Democrats -- up against those trying to run in the recalls was the only option the party truly had. It ensures a single general election date for all the recalls of August 9.

Though the date is set later, the strategy for recall requires that voters understand the day their votes will be counted. August 9 is much too late for a lot of us (the damage Republicans can do with an extra month in power could be great) -- but it will help ensure that all six Republicans up for recall will be replaced.

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