Monday, May 16, 2011

The benefits (yes, benefits) of a Paul Ryan Senate run

A Ryan campaign for Senate could result in dual wins for Dems

Would a Paul Ryan Senate-run turn out to be a good thing?

Consider this scenario: if the political "pendulum" swings back in favor of liberals and progressives in 2012 (a real possibility at this point), President Obama will coast back to a second term to the White House with a wave of Democratic candidates joining him in Congress. If Ryan runs against a formidable Democratic challenger -- someone who could win an open election on their own merit but may have even better chances within this possible "pendulum swing" -- Democrats not only retain a seat in the Senate but remove Ryan from his position in Congress within the House as well, as he wouldn't be able to run for both seats at the same time. And if the Dems can run a formidable candidate in CD-1 they may be able to pick that seat up too.

In short, if Ryan decides to chase senatorial aspirations, Democrats have an opportunity to pick up two seats in Congress, one of which has been a challenge to take for well over a decade (again, contingent in part on a change in voters' attitudes both nationally and locally).

With that in mind, however, we should think realistically -- would Ryan lose? At the very least, it'd be a close race for sure...to0 close for comfort for far too many.

It may be too soon to "hope" Ryan runs for the seat that will be left vacant by Sen. Herb Kohl. But should he toss his hat into the ring, Democrats will have an incredible opportunity to take charge of things Congressionally in Wisconsin -- so long as the right set of circumstances are helping them as well.

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