Saturday, February 19, 2011

Work to recall state's GOP senators

The movement to recall Scott Walker is a bit premature -- Wisconsin law requires that any officeholder facing a recall threat has to be in office for at least one year before the process can formally begin.

But while recall supporters must wait another year before they can go after Walker, eight Republican state senators are eligible for a recall. The question is, do they deserve it? Would an effort to recall these eight senators be justified?

Certainly there are some who are, frankly, a danger to our government. Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) comes to mind -- the man is further right than many Tea Party supporters. I had the "honor" of witnessing the senator in action once, during a hearing on requiring Wisconsin public schools to teach comprehensive classes on human sexuality. Grothman's questioning of hearing participants bordered on harassment as he asked each person which organization they represented in an effort to discredit and intimidate everyday Wisconsin citizens concerned with providing students a sound education.

The paranoid antics of Glenn Grothman aside, it's really going to be up to each individual district to determine if their senator deserves a recall challenge. Many of our state GOP senators represent districts with union representation, which means the eight in question are not safe by any means, at least when it comes to the political maneuver.

A concerted effort to recall these eight senators -- whether it's to influence their decision-making or to simply remove them -- should be given great consideration, especially in the wake of this week's events. The Republicans have made it clear that they intend to drastically change our state's valued institutions -- not just workers' rights but also voters' rights as well -- and there's no telling how far they plan to go after this.

Having a check on Governor Walker's powers would be beneficial to the people of Wisconsin, seeing as how he has ignored the people's wishes on this issue as well as many others. Ousting three Republican state senators achieve that goal is a move we should all get behind. It may be the only way we can save our state in the long-run.

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