Friday, January 28, 2011

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It doesn't take a genius to understand the important role that teachers play in our society. They're responsible for shaping the minds of our youth, of instilling critical analysis skills necessary for our children to have in the real world once they graduate and enter the real world.

Teachers are important people in our communities -- but for how much we truly depend on them, we don't always treat them fairly or with much respect. Nor do we always provide for them the resources needed to properly teach a room of young people the skills they will one day need to pursue their passions. seeks to remedy that problem. They provide teachers that are struggling for resources to reach out to friends, family, and the community-at-large to make donations, large or small, to help keep the classroom fun, interesting, and educational.

I just made a donation tonight to an art teacher in Grafton, Wisconsin, to help him pay for updated photography equipment and software for his classroom. You can make any donation amount you'd like ($25.00 is the minimum), and using the search tool you can find the school or teacher of your choice.

Teachers are important members of our society. It was no accident that President Barack Obama stated in his State of the Union address that, "if you want to make a difference in the life of a child – become a teacher. Your country needs you." Our children are depending on good teachers to better their education, and in turn better their lives. And our teachers are depending on us to help them help our children.

Consider making a donation today -- help a teacher in need, who on average spends more than $1,200 of their own money improving their classrooms. It's an investment you'll never regret making.

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