Friday, December 3, 2010

GOP holds government, people's futures, hostage

The Republican party made an interesting vow to the American people this week: they are promising to stall any legislation that may come forward until the issue of the Bush-era tax subsidies for the rich has been resolved.

A resolution to the issue seems near, with Democrats and Republicans signaling that they're likely to be extended, at least temporarily.

But until a deal is met, nothing else is going to get through. No resolution on ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell; no nuclear arms treaty with Russia; and no extension of unemployment assistance to those facing difficult times during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, courtesy of the GOP.

There's no doubt that these tax cuts for the top one percent of wage earners is a serious issue -- if extended, the government would have to find a way to make up billions of dollars in revenue. Republicans maintain that the tax cuts for the rich are important for economic growth, but growth during the Bush years was minimal at best when the tax cuts were originally implemented.

Holding the entire governing process hostage in this way is a dangerous move -- it is also detrimental to the American people's interests. The GOP and Democrats agree on extending tax cuts to those earning $250,000 or less -- but the Republicans are more concerned with those that earn more than that, than in helping the American people hit hardest by the recent economic recession.

Two million Americans have already lost unemployment assistance this month at a time when people need that support the most. Without allowing the issue to be resolved in order to appease the interests of their wealthy benefactors, the GOP is spitting directly in the eyes of the American working class.

What's more important? Ensuring that unemployed families can take care of themselves during this winter season? Making sure that people are able to put food on the tables for their families? Or is it more important to make certain that those who have very few troubles, who are living life quite comfortably right now, get a few extra thousands of dollars each year?

Should we make sure that working class families are able to live, are able to make payments on their mortgages...or should we give Donald Trump another million dollars in tax cuts this year?

For many, the Grinch that steals Christmas this year won't be green and furry. The true Grinch this year will be the Republican Party, stealing the American dream from millions, preventing those who are still actively seeking work from being financially secure over the holiday season. What a shame that the "party of values" cares only for corporate elitists with deep pockets.

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