Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rest in Piece, Dan Johnson

An old high school classmate of mine died recently while serving his country. I just wanted to say a few words on this. I don't purport to know him well or to say that we were the best of friends...but Dan Johnson was a part of my life, however brief that time we knew each other was, and it wouldn't be right to let this moment go by without saying a few things that need to be said.

Dan Johnson was a remarkable person. I will always remember these things about him: He was always genuine, most always happy, smiling and cracking jokes, and loved by most everyone that was lucky enough to have him in their lives.

Dan was involved in the detonation of bombs and other explosives, and his work in both Iraq and Afghanistan saved countless lives of many soldiers in the line of duty.

Dan will be missed by friends and family alike. I will personally always remember the goofball that always seemed to have a smile on his face. Hero, friend, all-around great guy. There is no doubt, he will be missed.

RIP, Dan Johnson.

NBC Chicago
Wisconsin State Journal

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