Saturday, September 11, 2010

On 9/11 anniversary, Scott Walker calls liberals "hijackers"

In my eyes, the title of this blog post is precisely what Scott Walker is trying to do with his latest tweet.

That may seem an exaggeration, but consider what it is he actually wrote (credit due to Capper):

"Look @ the liberal union rally against me @ courthouse. They want 2 hijack the primary."

Ordinarily, this might not be such a sensitive subject. But consider the date that he makes this tweet.

Today is September 11, 2010 -- the ninth anniversary of the hijackings of several planes and the deaths of thousands of Americans at the hands of radical Islamic fundamentalists. Today is a date of remembrance, of reflection, of unity, of understanding that, left, right, center, or otherwise, we are all Americans first and foremost.

I was all set to write a simple blog today, one that wouldn't be tinged in politics. I was set to write how, despite the Quran-burning controversy (that happily didn't take place), that the American people should look at today as a day we can all come together, as one people out of many, E Pluribus Unum.

But Scott Walker's words cannot be ignored. We cannot let him get away with such insensitivity, such insinuations, especially on a day like today. Does this image say "hijackers?"

Describing liberals as such -- on this day of days, no less! -- is a terrible thing to do. No one should describe anyone as a hijacker on 9/11 in order to gain politically, in order to display some sort of childish "holier than thou" moment on your Twitter account. A protest against your policies, Scott Walker, is in no way a "hijacking."

This man, this Republican Party-anointed candidate for governor -- what sense decency does he have, if any?

I must apologize for the rant, I really must. I may be coming off as angry, as furious even at what this man has written (in under 140 characters, no less). But I don't appreciate being called a "hijacker" on this anniversary. It seems, I don't know -- a little extreme. And I won't stand for it.

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