Monday, September 27, 2010

Advancing Wisconsin hiring

An organization I once had the great fortune of working for is now hiring.

Advancing Wisconsin, a non-profit advocacy campaign group, is now hiring field canvassers to help spread the word door-to-door about progressive candidates up for election this year.

The job -- and it is HIGHLY rewarding -- would entail going to on-the-fence voters' doors and asking them to consider the progressive candidates in races that are up for grabs. There would be no persuasion of voters whose minds have already been made up -- if someone is already convinced either way, there's no point in using this time to either preach to the choir or talk to someone who's ears are not listening. Rather, the target group is undecided voters who need to hear what the candidates stand for.

So if you're interested in signing up for Advancing Wisconsin, please visit their website or go to their Facebook page.

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