Thursday, May 7, 2009

My bout with the flu: a case for universal health care

So I got flu-like symptoms, and like the hypochondriac that I secretly am, I had to be sure -- I had to go to the doctor's and make sure that it wasn't the H1N1 virus, also known as the swine flu.

I arrived at the urgent care clinic and signed in. I was informed it would be a two hour wait...but in reality, I waited for about 45 minutes, tops. They handed me a mask and I read my book in the waiting room.

I was called back, blood pressure taken, temperature measured, so on and so forth, and eventually the nurse practitioner came in. She told me she didn't think what I had was anything serious; it was either the swine flu, strep throat, or the regular flu. So I had my throat swabbed and they inserted a strange tube in my nose. Not pleasant, but a small price to pay for piece of mind.

Speaking of small prices to pay, I should mention that I am a recipient of Badgercare Plus, the statewide program in Wisconsin that provides lower income families with health care coverage. I paid nothing to see the doctor today, and paid very little in prescription drugs that they had me purchase: $3 total for 10 tablets. Ordinarily, the price is significantly higher.

So you can understand why I support universal health care: if we can use public funds to ensure everyone receives medical attention, why aren't we? The benefits are staggering: a healthier workforce, a less-costly health care system, and everyone receives medical care.

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